The Whitehall Spirit® All Water Rowing Club Business Opportunity


Owning and operating an ‘All Water Rowing Club’ means operating a business that includes boats, accessories, docks, marketing material, personal hands-on training, and a software package that handles online membership, booking boats, and scheduling for club members all purchased directly from the companies who make them.

There are three basic reasons why most people do not personally own a high-quality “All Water” rowing boat, and for them, becoming a rowing club member is a perfect fit.

• They cannot afford to buy a new sculling boat that would cost $10K or more, but could easily afford club rates.
• They have no place to keep a boat that allows for an easy way to get out rowing. The club provides this in the best way possible.
• They have little time to actually use a boat, let alone take care of one. The club is simple, fast, and efficient. Even the busiest people can enjoy getting out in their favorite boat.

With outdoor rowing it’s always changing, views, wind, waves. It’s so much more of an adventure! More fresh, crisp, oxygen rich air! No odors produced by sweaty gym rats or the recycled indoor air of the gym.

This means that there are hundreds of potential club members in most areas who would enjoy joining a local club and becoming active, long-term members. Just like our Victoria club they will love the fitness, health benefits, and stress relief that slide seat rowing offers, as well as the fun of rowing stable, safe “Whitehall Spirit” double and single “All Water” sculling boats, or the even more adventurous Oar Board™ rowing systems.

The benefits are many for those who want to open a rowing club business  – it’s easy to run and caters to the growing market of both young and aging people who like to keep fit while enjoying the water. This is not a franchise and owners pay no franchise fees or ongoing monthly royalties. They operate an entirely independent business and can fully realize the freedom that this offers including selling or expanding as they like without fees or permission from a franchisor.

The  “All Water” Rowing Club, the Whitehall Spirit Rowing Club of Victoria has operated smoothly and successfully for over four years with over 400 members.

Individuals, Resorts and existing clubs  can now purchase the following components in full or in parts.

• The “All Water” co-polymer Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14 and Tango 17 sculling boats and associated rowing/safety gear

• The is now available  Oar Board™’ fit-on-top rower and also offer standup paddle boards to their members as well. Product dealerships are also an option.
• Dock system with boat storage bunks for launching, retrieving, and keeping boats secure – clean, quick, and easy to handle
• Custom-built dollies for launching and retrieving off beaches or launch ramps
• Custom-built gear cabinet with locker, kiosk with notice board, key boxes, and security systems
• Consultation regarding suitable club locations and associated services
• Custom websites, membership, management, accounts, and time booking software directly from the original developer
• Training instruction for open-water rowing by independent, professional “All Water” rowing instructors

Why own an “All Water” Rowing Club?

Owners enjoy the freedom of operating a computerized business that operates smoothly with little hands-on management. It resembles and is essentially a time share businesses, although much simpler than most. A key factor is that no costly management is needed to be present on the club docks. Members take care of the almost maintenance-free boats themselves. This means no staff expenses, low overheads, reasonable club rates, and adequate return on investment.

Who needs this business?

This opportunity is great for independent business people or semi-retired persons who would like an easily-managed turn-key operation that gives back to members of the community, providing a healthy, fitness-building, and enjoyable recreational activity. A businesses that helps people connect with nature while leaving no oily footprint satisfies the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profitability.

Existing or newly developed waterfront businesses such as resorts, hotels, or marinas are all great candidates for owning a club to increase revenue and provide service to their local community. Existing sculling, rowing, paddling, and yacht clubs who already have docks and launching facilities and could use another revenue stream are also logical “All Water” rowing club owners.

Club earning potential

This is the question most asked about this business opportunity. Revenue that a rowing club business produces depends on several factors, including the rates charged, the overhead expense and the number of members active in the club. Contact Harold Aune to discuss club revenues and earning potential.

What does a club cost?

Each club location will have different requirements regarding size and equipment. The easiest way to find out is by calling. A brief discussion about the particular details will generally be all that is required for a preliminary estimate of the investment involved.

The cost of establishing your own rowing club is determined by the components that fit your situation. This can be easily calculated and a quote provided. Initial consultation is provided free of charge.

General information about how an ‘All Water Rowing Club’ works…

All new club members receive orientation in club procedures and rowing skills on an as-needed basis, one-on-one from an all water rowing instructor. Once a potential member is qualified as a rowing club member, they can then purchase a bank of hours on the club website using a special personal password. They can then book their boats online or even on their smart phones. A key code is immediately emailed back that is for unlocking their chosen boat.  Members then simply show up at their chosen time, unlock, uncover, launch their boat, and go rowing. Launching or retrieving takes less than 5 minutes using the simple-yet-effective boat handling and storage gear. The club management software tracks the members’ boat usage and reports to the owner. Again, this means that in most club situations, there is no need for costly full-time management or staff.

An automated online booking system means a boat is ready for a member to go rowing on short notice, and it can be booked well ahead. It tracks the members and club usage and reports to the owner. This is a business  designed for current economic conditions. More importantly, it means that lower wage earners, fixed-income retired men and women, and practically anyone can afford to join the club and be a rowing member.

Members enjoy no initial boat expense, no moorage fees, no insurance costs, major maintenance, or worries about their boat being damaged by weather or stolen.

There are hundreds of potential locations ideal for establishing an ‘All Water Rowing Club’ and at Whitehall Rowing & Sail we have over twenty-five years of experience to draw from, with thousands of happy Whitehall Spirit® boat owners all over the world plus several years’ experience operating our own club the Whitehall Spirit® Rowing Club of Victoria. Call us , we are happy to talk to you.

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